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Welcomes and Rules

*** Check out DarkLinkIsNotASexToy!! It's out brother group dedicated to stop the sexual explotation of men!***


STAMP: Shut Up About Yaoi by thundybear
This is not a group against yaoi/yuri, hentai, porn, fanservice, etc.!!! We would just like people to keep away from our characters.

:iconsamusplz::iconsaysplz: Hello there, this is a group that is all about standing against the sexual expliotation of female video game characters. The main point of this group is to show these heroines/etc. as they truly were meant to be shown. If you are tired of searching the name "Samus Aran" and getting a bunch of porn pictures instead of that armor clad warrior we all know and love, join this. Here is a brief idea of what this group's goal and rules are:

Group Mission:

Video example of what the group looks for (yes that's my account) :…

I have come to my final line when it comes to searching the name Samus Aran and all I get are porno pictures. Well I have started a resistance against it! Not just for Samus, but for all video game girls who are exploited for sexual pleasure. This group will be solely for pictures stating this message or simply showing a decent picture of Samus herself as she was meant to be. Basically if you wanna search Metroid or other females and you don't wanna sort through all the porn, come here ^^

Rules Summary:

***Please visit this link for more details samusisnotasextoy.deviantart.c… ***

:bulletred: We are pretty open about our gallery, but for the detailed rules please visit the gallery and read the rules on the left :3

:bulletorange: Submission limit is 10 per day and even if you aren't a member you can submit.

:bulletred: I will automatically accept new members. This isn't a group or a club, it's a common goal that will open to everyone. However if a member disobeys the rules by being rude, hateful or constantly trying to put up nasty pictures in my group, no more member they shall be. In other words, be nice and stick to the theme of the group.

:bulletorange: Spread the news as much as you can: we are standing up against the sexuality of video game girls being exploited and we will stop it. Please post this group on your profile, add all you works (that apply to the rules) to this group and tell people about it. I want to strongly end this injustice and nasty habit of the internet.

:bulletred: You may join even if you don't have any pictures to submit. So long as you have this goal in your common interest, joining up is available to you.

:bulletorange: Use the note button as much as you want to ask questions or give suggestions towards the group. I need as much feedback as possible to make this group as awesome as you guys want. This isn't just my group, it's your group too

:bulletred: Please by all means use the blogs as much as you desire :3 (please check the link above to view the rules to blog entries. There's only one so calm down) and collections will be used by me to store specific groupings such as contests or featured.

:bulletorange: To people who plan on joining this group and bashing it or just a random troll, I will see to it that you are banned. The members of this group have a right to believe what they do and no one should disrespect that. I will keep my group a safe one and protect my members

:bulletred: All affiliations are accepted so long as it is video game related, about female fans or relates to what this group stands for

Also, the picture used in the group avatar was made by Imachinivid and can be found here…
With :heart:

Group Info

Let's face it guys, Samus Aran is an amazing character but people tend to focus on her sexuality rather than her amazing qualities. Let's stand up and show people just who Samus really is: a warrior who fights against wrong do-ers. So this group is about standing agaisnt that stereotype and showing art that is truly 100% Samus Aran. But why stop at Metroid alone? This group can also be for any female video game character from OC's to Nintendo to Konami and so forth. This isn't just a common interest, it's also a collection of any and all deviation of these heroines.
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Jul 19, 2011


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Apparently we aren't the only ones out there fighting for the girls. Here are some amazing video game and gal groups ;P Check 'em out cause they rock, I swear


Contest 1 True Heroines
Varia-a-go-go, baby by Sea-Salt
Female Protagonists... by nyra711
Moonlit Melody by Kairi-loves-Sushi
Samus -Rough Sketch- by Kairi-loves-Sushi
Contest 2 More Samus
Dependables (Girls) by Cyael
Samus's Loneliness by TheBirthdayMuffin
Ridley's End by ClapperSnapperMaster
Look What Followed Me... by Kronos2501
Contest 3 Happy Bday SINAST
Happy Birthday! by ClapperSnapperMaster
Happy Bday by Mila137
Contest 4 500 Members
Sorry for being a bit late to the party (I'm not on DA as much) but two metroid games were announced at E3!! Prime 4 for the Switch is in development and will be released "beyond 2017" according to IGN. Metroid 2 is getting an official remake for the 3DS and will be released September 15th. 2 amiibos have been announced as well: Samus and a Metroid. They come in a two pack priced at 30$. The game has a suggested retail price of 40$. There is also a special edition which will come with a 25 track soundtrack and a reversible cover for the game case. This is priced at 50$. The game has new techniques such as 360 degree aiming, melee counter, and something called Aeion power.

All the details can be found at our blog I update there more often than I do here. I'll post major updates on here though.

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Please help us get a Super Group by donating to us here at my profile's donation pool

Our staff is fully dedicated to keep this group neat, safe and awesome. If you have any questions and/or comments please notify one of us and we'll see to it. Feedback is the most important part of this group






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Where can I submit this? Fire Emblem Heroines Collaboration
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You submitted it to the correct folder :)
iwannapuppy Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2017
I am so glad this group exist :D I'm so tired of seeing strong lady characters turned into sex objects and I'm glad I finally found a group of people who agree with me!
Mila137 Featured By Owner Mar 11, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I'm glad you agree! Feel free to browse and submit to your heart's content~
KeirTanaka Featured By Owner Dec 13, 2016  Hobbyist Artist
I just so happened to notice you also have Anti-Feminist Frequency rhetoric as part of your Literature section so is it there just so you can't be accused of not voicing each side or do you actually agree with it because umm...I sidez with Anita Schwarzenegger on this issue specifically in Body Diversity|
Nothing seems 2-B N the main folder?!
Mila137 Featured By Owner Dec 14, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I consider myself a feminist. A lot of times I don't have time to read each entry. Please show me which one you mentioned. Also I don't use the feature folder because it's neater in individual folders
KeirTanaka Featured By Owner Dec 15, 2016  Hobbyist Artist
I like when everything is in tha Featured folder so that way everyone can easily access the sum total of the content within|
I haven't read the exact article myself because it's a PDF file and my rig can't take it although you can find it yourself right at the top of the Literature section but I'll put it right at tha bottom 4-UR convenience:

To Debunk and Correct - TvWiVG - Body Diversity
Mila137 Featured By Owner Dec 17, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
The article has an introduction stating that it is just s factual observation and not an attack on feminism. That fits within the group rules. Of course I don't agree with every piece of art in the gallery but this group has members other than me who might agree. This group is basically open for anything except sexualization or hate. 
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Gwendolyn1 Featured By Owner Dec 10, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
thanks for request! :rose:
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