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Welcomes and Rules

*** Check out DarkLinkIsNotASexToy!! It's out brother group dedicated to stop the sexual explotation of men!***


STAMP: Shut Up About Yaoi by thundybear
This is not a group against yaoi/yuri, hentai, porn, fanservice, etc.!!! We would just like people to keep away from our characters.

:iconsamusplz::iconsaysplz: Hello there, this is a group that is all about standing against the sexual expliotation of female video game characters. The main point of this group is to show these heroines/etc. as they truly were meant to be shown. If you are tired of searching the name "Samus Aran" and getting a bunch of porn pictures instead of that armor clad warrior we all know and love, join this. Here is a brief idea of what this group's goal and rules are:

Group Mission:

Video example of what the group looks for (yes that's my account) :…

I have come to my final line when it comes to searching the name Samus Aran and all I get are porno pictures. Well I have started a resistance against it! Not just for Samus, but for all video game girls who are exploited for sexual pleasure. This group will be solely for pictures stating this message or simply showing a decent picture of Samus herself as she was meant to be. Basically if you wanna search Metroid or other females and you don't wanna sort through all the porn, come here ^^

Rules Summary:

***Please visit this link for more details samusisnotasextoy.deviantart.c… ***

:bulletred: We are pretty open about our gallery, but for the detailed rules please visit the gallery and read the rules on the left :3

:bulletorange: Submission limit is 10 per day and even if you aren't a member you can submit.

:bulletred: I will automatically accept new members. This isn't a group or a club, it's a common goal that will open to everyone. However if a member disobeys the rules by being rude, hateful or constantly trying to put up nasty pictures in my group, no more member they shall be. In other words, be nice and stick to the theme of the group.

:bulletorange: Spread the news as much as you can: we are standing up against the sexuality of video game girls being exploited and we will stop it. Please post this group on your profile, add all you works (that apply to the rules) to this group and tell people about it. I want to strongly end this injustice and nasty habit of the internet.

:bulletred: You may join even if you don't have any pictures to submit. So long as you have this goal in your common interest, joining up is available to you.

:bulletorange: Use the note button as much as you want to ask questions or give suggestions towards the group. I need as much feedback as possible to make this group as awesome as you guys want. This isn't just my group, it's your group too

:bulletred: Please by all means use the blogs as much as you desire :3 (please check the link above to view the rules to blog entries. There's only one so calm down) and collections will be used by me to store specific groupings such as contests or featured.

:bulletorange: To people who plan on joining this group and bashing it or just a random troll, I will see to it that you are banned. The members of this group have a right to believe what they do and no one should disrespect that. I will keep my group a safe one and protect my members

:bulletred: All affiliations are accepted so long as it is video game related, about female fans or relates to what this group stands for

Also, the picture used in the group avatar was made by Imachinivid and can be found here…
With :heart:

Group Info

Let's face it guys, Samus Aran is an amazing character but people tend to focus on her sexuality rather than her amazing qualities. Let's stand up and show people just who Samus really is: a warrior who fights against wrong do-ers. So this group is about standing agaisnt that stereotype and showing art that is truly 100% Samus Aran. But why stop at Metroid alone? This group can also be for any female video game character from OC's to Nintendo to Konami and so forth. This isn't just a common interest, it's also a collection of any and all deviation of these heroines.
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Jul 19, 2011


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Apparently we aren't the only ones out there fighting for the girls. Here are some amazing video game and gal groups ;P Check 'em out cause they rock, I swear

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Your guys' negativity for this game is astounding, yeesh. Well it looks like new information has surfaced and we can now actually judge a bit better.

Federation Force is a legitimate Metroid game and is NOT a spinoff or some other game just using Metroid as a face. Federation Force takes place between Metroid II and Super Metroid as the game creator has confirmed. This is a game that will not feature Samus as the player character. This time you're a part of the GFMC and you're bouncing between three planets doing about ten missions on each. This sounds familiar to Hunters and Corruption. And the man making this game? Kensuke Tanabe. He had a hand in the making of the original Prime games and even had involvement in Prime Hunters, and this game was first concepted during the time Prime Hunters was in development. That makes this new game an older thought.

Blast Ball is likely a tutorial mode. Tanabe relates Blast Ball to a type of tutorial that should be more fun to deal with while learning the controls of the game. Federation Force uses the same controls as Metroid Prime and even seems to use a similar HUD which many of us are familiar with. The game itself should feel like a Prime game, which all things considered, makes sense given it's a part of the Metroid Prime universe. If you watched the trailer it seems the troopers have charge beams of their own. So it's indirectly like playing Samus yet you're not playing as her. Which brings us to the next point.

Tanabe has stated that Samus and metroids will be seen in Federation Force. When, where, why and how is not yet revealed. This should give you some ease of mind as there's your connection to the Metroid games. You may be helping Samus on her own mission or she may help you on yours! So fret not, she's in the game! My question is how we'll deal with metroids, but maybe it's more obvious than I think it is. Why? Well...

Federation Force allows you to choose your equipment. There's a mention that you can choose your equipment and in doing so you kind of make yourself like an RPG character. You can be a tank or a "healer" so to speak. That sounds incredibly fun considering the co-op play. It'll make you think about what you need and what role you'll play for your team!

Retro is NOT producing this. The game is being developed with Next Level Games which last worked on Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon. I can't say I've played Dark Moon, but it was a very highly praised game and I think NLG will do a good job with Federation Force. The teams that have worked on the Prime games have all drifted. The game director for the Prime games is actually working on an XBox One game currently. I look forward to seeing people pick up where Retro left off. Everything looks and feels like a Metroid game minus the Samus aspect. at least from what's been revealed. I have faith in this game and I will support the series in its current direction.

To read more please click this link:…

I know it sucks it's not the Metroid game we all wanted, but honestly? I'm not surprised. Other M was flawed (there's no denying it), but it got so much backlash it's crazy. Also this year's E3 reaction might be why we're not getting a Metroid we want right now. Mr. Iwata had to personally apologize on Twitter for Nintendo because of the backlash the fans gave Nintendo after their E3 direct. That... broke my heart. Nintendo is one of the most heartfelt companies and they take their fans' feedback where they can. That's more than can be said for others. It shouldn't have come to him having to apologize! People forget that Nintendo holds Nintendo Directs throughout the year and that the E3 one is... well, just a fancier Nintendo Direct. They release information as it becomes relevant and closer to completion. People hating on what was showed was unacceptable for that reason, and now we may pay the price for it.

Give Federation Force a chance. Show Nintendo a positive impact and maybe we'll get something more in the future. Good things come to those who wait! and all companies judge their next move on how successful something does. That's why I'm asking that people don't bash the new game and hate on it (especially right now) just because "It's not what I wanted". You guys should find the positives and hold onto them! :heart:
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Please help us get a Super Group by donating to us here at my profile's donation pool

Our staff is fully dedicated to keep this group neat, safe and awesome. If you have any questions and/or comments please notify one of us and we'll see to it. Feedback is the most important part of this group






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MarioLuigi25 Featured By Owner 4 days ago
I find that Samus and Palutena get sexualized the most when it comes to the Nintendo ladies (and Rosalina as well to a certain extent). I don't only love Samus because she's beautiful. I love Samus because she's a badass, bounty hunter with an interesting story. Her parents were killed and murdered by Space Pirates and she was brought up and raised by the Chozo Race. She's definitely one of my all-time favorite female characters
Mila137 Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
It's sad that she is sexualized, but there are other people like you out there and that helps keep a true fan base about her alive ^_^
CetaSoul Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I'm sick of all this, not just video games but real life. Women aren't a booty call
KeeperoftheKeys92 Featured By Owner Aug 19, 2015
AGREED.  You don't see Link or Mario getting massive amounts of porn made on them and getting made fun of for their dicks etc.  Its pisses me off how Samus (who is arguably more badass than them) getting joked on for her body and seen more for her almost nonexistent sexuality than her awesome heroism that she displays in every game.  Sexism is fucking disgusting. >.>
CetaSoul Featured By Owner Aug 19, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Seriously. Any guys who try to get with me on the basis of sex I'll say see ya. Besides, right now I'm taken anyways

Wonder if video games are the source of men acting like feral dogs?
KeeperoftheKeys92 Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2015
I knew some ugly boy who said he had a wet dream about me. Laugh LOL Glitter Vomit   He begged to fuck me but he never got it.  I knew another pussy-boy who begged to fuck me but he never got it either LOL.  These fuckers didn't even KNOW me, they just wanted sex eww, I am not a fucking porn object and I don't want to be with any guy who thinks of himself as a porn object either.  I've had guys 20+ my age hit on me when I was a teenager.  :vomit:
I only like REAL men; there was only one guy I ever truly liked in highschool and he never screwed me or hit on me in a distasteful way even though I knew he liked me cuz he already had a girlfriend.  Just proves he was a mature. XD
It's damn wrong when society teaches that it's "normal" for men to act like uncontrolled sex maniacs.  It's not normal; it's sexist, disgusting, and wrong.  Don't let anyone tell you otherwise. ;)
(1 Reply)
Mila137 Featured By Owner Aug 15, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I've seen it more as the years went in after I made this group. Sadness :(
CetaSoul Featured By Owner Aug 15, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I know... shallow men...
CARGOCAMP Featured By Owner Edited Aug 11, 2015
Just explain me one thing: You make a group about standing against the sexual exploitation of female video game characters, OK, I understand that and I totally agree with that. But why do you have a folder "Artistic nudity"?
Didn't you say you were tired of getting nude female pictures when you search their names?
Isn't that inconsistent?
KeeperoftheKeys92 Featured By Owner Aug 19, 2015
There's a difference between nudity of the human body (like Michelangelo's sculpture of David; he wasn't trying to make porn of David, he was simply showing of the male body) and nudity meant to arouse the viewer, like the the tons of pics you can find on Samus spreading her legs and showing off her goods, sticking fingers inside twat, unrealistic inflated boobies etc.
I don't think there's a problem with moderate erotic art (all characters will have it) but the problem is that there is TOO MUCH of it with Samus.  Most people are more interested in exploiting her body rather than showing off her character and heroism the way Link and Mario are celebrated.  It's disgusting sexism and why this group exists.
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